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Sabah (Borneo) for Mammals



 Mammal and birds tour with the emphasis heavily on the more difficult to see mammals.


Sandakan (north Borneo) – Sepilok – Deramakot – KJC - Sandakan.

Target mammals include Sunda Clouded Leopard (prolonged views on our first departure, see trip report), Leopard and Flat-headed Cats, Bornean Orangutan, Western Tarsier, Proboscis Monkey, Bornean Pygmy (Asian) Elephant, Sunda Stink Badger and Yellow-throated Marten.


From warm at night to hot and humid during the day with the chance of isolated thunderstorms.


Lodges and chalets with private facilities, travel in 4x4 and boats.

This exciting new small group tour focuses on three main areas with an exceptional selection of mammals and we hope to see in excess of 40 species! The majority of the time will be spent looking for mammals but we also expect to see some exciting birds including Rhinoceros Hornbill and several species of owl.

We will start the tour with two nights in Sepilok where spotlighting walks will hopefully produce Western Tarsier, Philippine Slow Loris, Sunda Stink Badger, Lesser Mousedeer, Bornean Colugo and a selection of flying squirrels. During the day we will look for Bornean Orangutans and a variety of other primates and squirrels. There may also be a chance to visit the Sun Bear Rehabilitation Centre if people wish to do so.


We will then transfer to Deramakot Forest Reserve for seven nights. Deramakot is an exceptional forest reserve free from the rules and regulations of many other areas of Sabah and we can spotlight here until our hearts’ content. Deramakot is currently the best place on earth to see Sunda Clouded Leopard and although far from guaranteed with seven nights here we have a good chance of success. Deramakot has an outstanding mammal fauna and other species seen on the recce included Bornean Pygmy (Asian) Elephant, Leopard Cat, Binturong, Yellow-throated Marten, Island Palm and Bornean Striped Palm Civets, Malay Civets, Greater Mousedeer, Sambar, Bornean Yellow Muntjac, North Borneo Gibbon, Bearded Pig, Bornean Orangutan, Western Tarsier, Philippine Slow Loris and several other species of primate, squirrels and flying squirrels. Sun Bear is also regularly seen here and other possibilities include Marbled and Flat-headed Cats and Otter Civets. 


The final destination will be Borneo Nature Lodge on the Kinabatangan River, which will be the base for two nights’ spotlighting to look for Flat-headed and Leopard Cats. We will also take several boat trips during which we can expect to see several species of primate including Bornean Orangutan, North Borneo Gibbon and Proboscis Monkey, Bearded Pigs, civets and several species of bats and squirrels. There is also an outside chance of two or species of otter. On leaving KJC we will visit nearby Gomantong Caves to see the spectacular Wrinkle-lipped Bat colony. We would also expect to see Bornean Orangutan, Red Langur and squirrels.

Day 1     Depart London Heathrow on a flight to Kuala Lumpur.

Day 2     Transfer to our connecting flight to Sandakan arriving mid-afternoon. Transfer to Sepilok Nature Resort. Evening spotlighting.

Day 3     Full day Sepilok with evening spotlighting.

Day 4     Transfer to Deramakot. Evening spotlighting.

Days 5-10 Full days Deramakot including potentially long spotlighting sessions of up to seven hours per night if conditions and sightings make it worthwhile. During the day there will be walks to look for birds and mammals, particularly after shorter night drives, but there will also be plenty of opportunity to catch up on your sleep.

Day 11    Transfer to Borneo Nature Lodge on the Kinabatangan River, late afternoon boat and evening spotlighting sessions.

Day 12    BNL, morning, afternoon and evening boat trips.

Day 13    Morning visit to Gomontang Caves then transfer to Sandakan for return flight to UK.

Day 14    Arrive back in UK.

Please note: All itineraries are subject to weather, local conditions and final approval by the relevant authorities.

Dates: 29th May – 11th June 2019

Leaders: Nigel Goodgame plus local guides.

Cost: £4350 per person sharing a twin room

Single supplement: £495

Deposit: £1500

Group size: 6 plus leader & local guides.

Price includes: International and domestic economy class flights including pre-paid taxes, all ground transportation in 4x4s, accommodation with private facilities and meals, park entry fees, services of WildWings leader and local guides throughout, day by day mammal and bird checklist for your use on tour. 

Price excludes: travel insurance, laundry bills, drinks, other items of a personal nature, gratuities to local guides and drivers.


Potential Mammal List includes


Large Flying Fox

Spotted-winged Fruit Bat

Wrinkle-lipped Bat

Lesser, Plain and Large Treeshrews

Bornean Colugo

Western Tarsier

Philippine Slow Loris 

Red and Silvered Langurs 

Proboscis Monkey 

Long-tailed and (Sunda) Pig-tailed Macaque 

Bornean Orangutan

North Borneo Gibbon 

Prevost’s, Low’s, Plaintain, Ear-spot, Bornean Pygmy, Horse-tailed and Giant Squirrels

Black, Thomas’s and Red Giant Flying Squirrels 

Large Sunda Tree Mouse

Malayan, Bornean and Long-tailed Porcupines

Yellow-throated Marten

Smooth-coated and Oriental Short-clawed Otters

Sunda Skunk (Stink Badger)

Bornean Striped and Island Palm Civets

Malay and Otter Civets 


Sun Bear

Sunda Leopard, Flat-headed and Marbled Cats

Sunda Clouded Leopard (2017)  

Bornean Pygmy (Asian) Elephant   

Bearded Pig 

Greater and Lesser Mousedeer 

Sambar Deer 

Bornean Yellow Muntjac


    Tour Leader

    Nigel now lives in Norway, has been a keen birder since childhood. He is one of the founder members of the Neotropical Bird Club.

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