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2014 will be our twenty fourth year of turning your dreams into reality and we heartily thank all our customers past, present and future. This page highlights just a few of the many travel experiences we have pioneered over those years and we look forward to bringing you many more in the future! 

The first 20+ years………

1990 WildWings commences as the ‘Travel Agency for Birdwatchers’ based in Weymouth, Dorset. 

1991 We charter the Oldenburg to see the Ancient Murrelet on Lundy Island, Devon (in conjuction with Rare Bird Alert). 

1991 –1992 We offer the first affordable bird and wildlife expedition cruises to Antarctica  and The Falklands on the Ocean Princess, led by Dick Filby. The office moves to Bristol. 

1994 The first Bird Festival takes place, in Poland, with the concept being extended to many other countries over the years.

1995 We introduce the Pax Guest House in Trinidad to the UK.

1996 Our first spring wader passage trip to Mai Po in Hong Kong.

1997 We offer the first birding trip to French Polynesia for Tuamotu Sandpiper and other specialities whilst Tony Marr leads our first Canaries and Madeira Pelagic.  The first WildOceans brochure is produced.

1998 We recce the Atlantic Odyssey and offer our first tour to Kamchatka on the World Discoverer. Our first clients fly to the Edge of Space and experience  Zero-Gravity flights. We also take the first UK Sub-Orbital Spaceflight deposit. Tony leads the first Senegal sea-watching  and pelagics trip.

1999 We introduce Deep Sea Exploration to the UK, our first client sees the Titanic with her own eyes. Three times Space Shuttle astronaut Charlie Walker joins us in London to meet the public at the Destinations Travel Show. Our first group departs for Spitsbergen. 

2000 Our first charter to Baja California and the Sea of Cortez on the Spirit of Adventure, still the ultimate whale and dolphin watching trip! Our first Ultimate Galapagos also sails on the stunning three-masted schooner Rembrandt. Our first clients see the recently discovered Undersea Thermal Vents, deep under the Atlantic Ocean with their own eyes. We commence our long-term support of the Save the Albatross Campaign at the British Birdfair. John Brodie-Good delivers the opening speech at World Travel Market in London.

2001 We market the one-off South Africa to the Pack Ice voyage from Cape Town.

2003 The Atlantic Odyssey makes the first ever landing on Inaccessible Island.

2004 WildWings clients visit both the North and South Poles. JBG witness’s Space Ship One’s second of three historic space flights in the USA. Wild Insights Overseas Tours led by Keith and Linda Offord launched. Richard Webb and Regina Ribeiro lead our first Brazil Jaguars Tour and our first Baffin Island Tour departs in search of Arctic whales. 

2005 We visit Christmas Island and put it on the UK birding map. We design, recce and announce the Western Pacific Odyssey which first runs two years later led by Chris Collins. We also run our first Humboldt Current Tour, co-led by Simon Cook. 

2007 Richard Webb leads our first Chile Pumas Tour and the historic first Western Pacific Odyssey sails. 

2008 Mark Andrews leads the first ‘Spoon-billed Pitta’ Tours to Thailand.

2009 We finally visit the amazing Midway Atoll.

2010 We market another world-first pelagic, The Indian Ocean Seabird Expedition.

2011 We market more new pelagics, The North Atlantic Odyssey (Scotland to Spitsbergen), the West African Pelagic (Cape Verdes to Madeira) and the The Sea of Okhotsk (Russian Far East) We also operate our first trip to Ecuador for Spectacled Bears and other mammals plus the first Hula Valley Bird Festival is held in Israel.

2012 We market the first Greenland Whale Safaris and second ever Islands of the Southern Indian Ocean voyage.

2013 We operate our first Auroras and Kings trips to Norway. Our first departure to Antarctica with artist Bruce Pearson to raise more money for the Save the Albatross campaign.

2014 The first Birding the Pacific voyage is due to operate (Fiji to Solomons)

2015 We offer another new voyage, our Mexico Pelagic.

The people who made it all possible (and still make it happen in many cases!)…..

Office Staff…..Sarah-Jane Thompson and Nicky Hudson backed by Michael Stearn and Will Stearn of Strand Travel.  Thanks to Kevin Abbey, Bob Baker and Chris Simms of Bakers Dolphin Travel for backing the idea in the first place. Sue Roberts and Claire down in Weymouth back in 1990, and all the Bristol teams over the years, Liz Hallam, Gayle Harris, Wendy Coe, Dean Wicks, Liz Bebb, George Scott,  Alison Beaven,  Ian Collier, Kelly-Ann Harding, Caroline Harris, Livi Hurst, Rose Walker, Mel Saunders and Hilary Bond. 

Tour Leaders  and key suppliers… our front line of world-class leaders currently include Dick Filby, Mark Andrews, Chris Collins, Simon Cook, Richard Webb, Dave Fell, Regina Ribeiro, Gerard Gorman, Chas Anderson, Scot Anderson, David Wimpfheimer plus Keith and Linda Offord. Some of the many other people who have made it all happen include Tony Marr, Mike Keating, Pete Coe, Ko de Korte, Ursula Vallance, Debra Taylor, Dominic Mitchell, Mike McDowell, Eric Anderson, Rodney, Aaron, Nathan and Shirley Russ, Tom Gullick, Andrew Prossin, Dr Keith Allen, Birgit Winning, Pat Bonham, Maciej Zimowski, Gerard, Oda and Kenny from the Pax Guest House, Denise Landau, Jean Wang, Barry Walker, Liz Page, Caroline Still, Mike Scott-Ham, Kevin Morgan, Mark Carwardine, Colin Wood, Russ Boland, Graham Tucker, Derek Barber, Liz Clements, Ute Hohn-Bowen, Dick Newell, Angus Wilson and many more. Sadly gone but not forgotten, Dave Scantlebury, James Roberts and John Alton.

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