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WildWings Mammal Tours 2016 - 2017


As announced in our recent e-newsletters, we are delighted to confirm an expansion of our programme of mammal tours. We are operating new tours to Alaska, Indonesia and South Africa plus revised itineraries to Ecuador and India.

We set out below details of our existing, new and revised tours.  The dates of the scheduled tours are shown but if any of the tours interest you, but you would prefer alternative dates, let us know your preferred dates and if there is enough interest, we may be able to bespoke the tour.

We are currently finalising the details and prices for some of them, but if any of the new tours do interest you, please contact us soon as possible, a number are already full and we have quite a lot of demand for the rest of them. 



A repeat of our previously successful Ethiopian tour, see here for full details although please note the slight change of dates and the fact that Richard will now be leading this tour in place of Nigel.

Currently waitlist only, please contact us if you wish to travel in 2017. (0117 9658 333)


29th FEBRUARY – 13th MARCH 2016 (DICK FILBY)

A repeat of our successful early 2015 departure when up to 7 Snow Leopards were seen on the main tour plus optional extension, see here for full details.

A male share or single place only currently available. You may also advance register for 2017.



27th JUNE – 8th JULY 2017 (Richard Webb)

These exciting new tours will focus on three main areas with an exceptional selection of mammals and we would hope to see in excess of 50 species.

We will start the tour with three nights in the Kimberley area where the night spotlighting can be truly exceptional. During the day we will visit sites for Cape Clawless Otter, Western Rock Sengi (Elephant Shrew) and a variety of ungulates including Black Wildebeest.  At night we will make several attempts to see as many of the area’s enigmatic nocturnal mammals as we can and we hope that these will include Black-footed Cat, Aardvark, Aardwolf, Cape Porcupine, Bat-eared Fox with outside chances of African Wildcat, Caracal and South African Hedgehog.

We will then visit two localities not far from Johannesburg where we will focus on looking for Spot-necked Otter, Black Wildebeest and Blesbok along with many other species.

The final leg of the trip in Madikwe Game Reserve in northern South Africa on the border with Botswana will focus on looking for Wild Dog, Brown Hyaena and other carnivores including Lion, Leopard, Cheetah and hopefully Caracal. We can expect to see many of the more familiar southern African species including the remaining members of the Big 5, along with a lot of spectacular birds.

South Africa offers some of the best mammal watching in the world and this tour will hopefully demonstrate this. One place remains on the second of the 2016 departures, and we are now taking advance registrations for the 2017 tour.


10th – 25th JUNE 2017 (Nigel Goodgame)

This exciting tour will combine visits to Komodo to see the famous Komodo Dragons, with visits to a lodge on Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo) where Bornean Orangutan and Proboscis Monkey can be expected, Way Kambas National Park on Sumatra with good chances of seeing small cats such as Leopard Cat, an exciting range of primates including the world’s largest gibbon, Siamang, and outside chances of Malayan Tapir, Marbled Cat and Sunda Clouded Leopard. We will also visit a site on Java to look for several more primates plus along with Javanese Ferret Badger and Malaysian Stink Badger, see here. A single place remains available on the 2016 departure currently.

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5th – 15th OCTOBER 2016 (REGINA RIBEIRO)

A repeat of our multi-year ‘Brazil Jaguars’ tour, Emas NP being an optional extension. The report from our successful 2015 trip is now on our website, see here 


This will be a repeat of our highly successful first tour to Gujurat (see the report on the website for a full checklist) minus Greater Rann of Kachcch but with an extension to Tadoba one of the less busy Tiger reserves in the south of the country.

We will start in Velavadar where we will look for Striped Hyaena, ‘Indian’ Wolf, Jungle Cat, Blackbuck, Nilgai and a number of smaller mammals. From there we will continue to Gir Forest to look for ‘Asiatic’ Lion and if we are lucky as we were in 2014 Leopard along with commoner species like Chital, Sambar, Hanuman Macaque and others. We will then head to Little Rann of Kutch where the primary target is Asiatic Wild Ass although other possibilities include Striped Hyaena and ‘Desert’ Wildcat and the wetland birding is exceptional.

During our time in Gujurat we expect to see upwards of 25 species of mammal. We will then return to Ahmedabad and an internal flight to take us to Tadoba for four nights. During our time here we hope to see Tiger, Sloth Bear, Gaur and if we are lucky Dhole (Indian Wild Dog).

Full details can be found herea few places still remain available.


We are also finalising our new expedition to Mongolia, a true wilderness experience, largely based on wild camping. Our main targets include Wild Bactrian Camel, Gobi Bear, Saiga & Long-tailed Jerboa. Other mammal possibilities include gazelles, Asiatic Wild Ass, Wolf, Siberian Ibex, Argali and possibly Snow Leopard and Palla’s Cat. Potential avian highlights include Demoiselle Cranes, Oriental Plover, Palla’s Sandgrouse Kozlov’s Accentor, Henderson’s Ground Jay and Saxaul Sparrow. This trip is not for the faint hearted, camping and outdoor living throughout, the potential rewards are great however. Based on a private expedition conducted in 2015.

More details soon. 



Autumn is a great time to visit Alaska with the crowds of the summer months (both people and mosquitoes) a distant memory while mammal watching is at its best.

We will visit the area south of Anchorage to look for Belugas (often carrying calves on their backs) which at this time of year follow herring into the sound and often give views down to less than 200 metres. We will also visit the Seward area to take a boat trip out to look for Sea Otters, River Otter, Harbour Seal, Steller’s Sealion, Orcas and Dall’s Porpoise. We also hope to see Dall Sheep, Mountain Goats and Black Bears.

Our second main destination will be Denali National Park and the nearby Denali Highway where we can expect to see Grizzly Bears feeding up before their winter hibernation, if we are fortunate Grey Wolves and if Snowshoe Hares are at a peak in their population cycle there is also a chance of Canadian Lynx. Other likely species include Caribou, Moose, North American Porcupine, Beaver, Muskrat, Collared Pika, Arctic Ground Squirrel, Coyote and the fabulous dark morph of Red Fox.  We will also visit a site for American Bison. We can also expect to see some terrific birds including Hawk Owl and if we are lucky Great Grey Owl.

Depending on demand, we will also offer an extension to Barrow in the far north of Alaska to look for Polar Bears, Arctic Fox, various arctic seals and if we are incredibly lucky, the awesome Bowhead Whale.

Add the stunning scenery and autumn colours and Alaska in autumn is truly spectacular.


Ecuador 18th November – 3rd December 2017 (Richard WEBB)

This is a revised version of our successful 2011 tour to see Spectacled Bears albeit at a slightly later time of year when we expect bears to be even commoner and when we hope to have better luck with Mountain Tapir. We will also be visiting some new lodges to look for the recently described Olinguito, one or possibly two species of olingo and some additional primates not seen on our previous tour, and if time permits a site for two spectacular night birds Crested Owl and Rufous Potoo.

However the primary target will be Spectacled Bears and although we will concentrate on looking for them at Coca-Cayambe we will also keep a day spare at the end of the trip to visit Macquipicuna if their favourite tree is fruiting and bears are in residence.

We will be visiting Bellavista to the north of Quito to look for Olinguito, lodges on the Rio Napo to look for olingos, Giant River Otters and numerous primates, Wild Sumaco as we adjust to the increasing altitude, to look for a selection of forest mammals, before reaching the high altitude Coca-Cayambe National Park where we will spend several days looking for Spectacled Bears, Mountain Tapirs and several other rare and elusive species such as Pampas Cat and Long-tailed Weasel. A copy of our 2011 checklist is available on the website.

Full details here 

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