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WildWings Birdwatching Holidays continue to offer exceptional value for money, from only £949 per person, and are led by some of the world’s best professional tour leaders. Over 98% of our holidays ran in 2014, we do not like to speculate with your holiday plans.

We strive to offer the best market value and often allow you to choose your own day’s itinerary in the field. Examples include Beidaihe and Happy Island in China, The Eilat Spring Migration Festival and the Hula Valley Bird Festival in Israel, Birding Trinidad and Tobago and Birding Jamaica. Sri Lanka and Papua New Guinea are offered ‘your way’, you choose your itinerary, your dates and your travelling companions! New trips for 2015 includes our exciting new quest for Snow Leopards , other mammals and birds in Ladakh with Dick Filby, whilst Richard Webb leads our new tour to Gujurat, for mammals and birds. We team up with Birdwatch Magazine for two intensive birding trips to Turkey, on sale soon. Nigel Goodgame will be leading our second Ethiopia mammals and birds tour.  Chris Collins will lead our new Amazon River Cruise and an exciting new pioneering Mexican Pelagic in late 2015, plus a return to the Humboldt Current in October. Estonia now joins Poland and Hungary as a small group departure led by the best local guides, spring and autumn departures being on offer. We return to Goa in January, not as a bird festival but as an inclusive small group trip, led by Dave Fell.


We still offer the widest and best selection of bird and wildlife voyages including the North Atlantic Odyssey, from Scotland to Spitsbergen via the Ice Pack, this time in spring 2016 with Dick Filby and almost the entire WildWings team onboard, Puffins to Polar Bears, the Arctic on a budget. The world famous Atlantic Odyssey, Antarctica and the islands of the South Atlantic, offers superb seabirds, island endemics and cetaceans and for 2016 is down in price too! Another ‘In search of Spoon-billed Sandpiper’ expedition will also run next year, a unique opportunity to search for more new breeding sites in the Russian Far East. Chris Collins’s recent article in Birding World Magazine, ‘Birding the Russian Far East’ is on our website to assist you choosing your itinerary in this fantastic wilderness region.


Our Antarctic experience is second to none, we have been taking people there for over twenty years now and offer the best guided voyages and/or range of voyages for the independent wildlife traveller too. We continue to be the company for pelagic travel. Our legendary Antarctica, Falklands and South Georgia voyages depart in November and January, all with Dick Filby on board the vessel. The November departures also include artist Bruce Pearson too. The Western Pacific Odyssey will run again in 2015, now available in shorter sectors and with reduced pricing!. We revisit Spitsbergen and the Arctic plus the amazing Sub-Antarctic Islands of New Zealand and Australia.

In addition to the holidays and tours in the following pages, our WildOceans Baja California and Sea of Cortez ultimate whale and dolphin watching tours are also great for birds, a few places remain for 2015 at the time of going to print.

Wild Insights Holidays Overseas have a few places available still in 2015 (Spanish Pyrenees and Western Cape) and are heavily booked for 2016 already, but it’s always worth calling or sending us an e-mail to check if you are interested in joining Keith and Linda.


We greatly look forward to you joining us in the field!


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