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Maldives - Whales and Dolphins in Paradise




Wildlife Cruise: whales & dolphins, birds, other marine life, snorkelling & photography.


Malé, (Maldives, ) – cruising the Atolls - Male


Tropical whales and dolphins, seabirds, reef fishes, turtles, Mantas etc


Tropical, warm to hot.


 16* passenger comfortable liveaboard vessel, all cabins with private facilities and air-conditioning (* 10 passenger vessels on the Explorer itineraries) 

WildOceans have offered these tropical cetacean bonanzas for some years now and the word is finally getting around on how good they are, so early booking is strongly advised. Hundreds of Spinner Dolphins are seen during our cruises. These energetic and acrobatic dolphins are always a delight, and are named for their high spinning leaps. We will spend plenty of time with them, even swimming with them if conditions are suitable and they choose to visit us. But Spinners are so abundant in the Maldives that after a few days we will be happy to pass them by as we go in search of an astonishing array of other whales and dolphins. 

Diversity is the real attraction of the Maldives. On a typical trip we see anything from 7 to 11 species. In addition to Spinner Dolphins, we commonly see Risso’s Dolphins, Pantropical Spotted Dolphins, Indopacific Bottlenose Dolphins, Striped Dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins, Dwarf Sperm Whales, Shortfin Pilot Whales and Cuvier’s Beaked Whales. We also expect to see several of the following species too, Bryde’s Whales, Sperm Whales, Killer Whales, False Killer Whales, Melon-headed Whales, Fraser’s and Rough-toothed Dolphins, as well as occasional sightings of much rarer species such as Longman’s and Blainville’s (Dense-beaked) Beaked Whales. All the voyage’s sightings and numbers will be logged as part of Chas Anderson’s ongoing research into the cetaceans of this area of the Indian Ocean.

 If this diversity sounds a bit confusing, don’t worry. We have superb close views of whales and dolphins in the Maldives, which makes identification easy. Every evening there will be an entertaining and informative slide show highlighting the key features of all the species we see, so by the end of this trip you will be confidently separating your spinners from your spotteds, bottlenose from striped, and all the rest. 

On these trips, we travel through the Maldives to view whales and dolphins plus other marine life on board specially chartered, live aboard safari vessels with local crews and a dedicated passenger cook. The vessels are comfortable rather than luxurious, but all cabins have private facilities and are air-conditioned. Current vessels include Ari Queen, which carries up to 16 passengers (with four upper deck cabins with sea-views available for a supplement) and Hope Cruiser which carries up to 10 passengers. For 2017 the vessel Keana will also be used, her 8 cabins are all on the upper decks. Our voyages will take us past idyllic island and reef scenery, with plenty of sightings of dolphins and whales. Our trips are planned for the calmest times of year, when we hope to have light winds or dead calm.


Our itineraries will be very flexible, enjoying the beautiful scenery, and taking our time to watch dolphins, other whales, flying fish and seabirds. As is normal practice in the Maldives, we will travel by day, and anchor early each evening in a sheltered atoll lagoon. Depending on our location there may be opportunities for a snorkel (dawn and dusk) or island visit at these times.


In addition to the action above the water, the snorkelling is absolutely fantastic and offers a whole new arena of Natural History. Tropical fish abound (over 1000 species, expect to see 200+) and as Chas has spent many of the last years identifying and cataloguing them you will be travelling with the world’s leading authority. If you are very lucky you may encounter dolphins in the water as well as even larger creatures, including the graceful and spaceship like Manta Ray and possibly even Whale Sharks too. A snorkel is usually on offer most mornings and evenings.


Chas will also delight in showing anyone who is interested the world’s only pelagic insect, the Ocean Strider, a distant relative of our pond skater. Birds only average about 20 species per trip, but include a nice selection of tropical terns plus shearwaters, noddies, tropicbirds and frigatebirds but the autumn departures often see a lot more species with migration in progress. There will be lots of surprises but you will have to go yourself to find out. 

Chas will also offer ‘Maldives Explorers’, a longer than usual trip, in search of whales, dolphins plus tropical seabirds.

In summary, these are superb trips that promise great cetacean sightings, a delightful tropical cruise, coral reefs, paradise islands, and friendly local people, led by the man on the spot.

Group size is kept small to make the most of our natural history sightings and to have minimal impact on the islands we visit. 


Day 1: Arrive Malé and transfer to our live aboard vessel. Set sail around midday for our first afternoon’s whale watching. We may even see our first cetaceans within sight of the airport.

Days 2- 6: Cruising amongst the Central or Eastern Atolls of the Maldives, looking for and watching whales, dolphins and seabirds. Each evening we will anchor in a sheltered lagoon, near a coral reef, uninhabited island or resort.   

Day 7: Our final full day whale-watching, overnight at anchor off Male.

Day 8: Disembark Malé after breakfast. Transfer to the airport.


NB Maldives Explorer departures are for 12 days.

Please note: All itineraries are subject to weather, local conditions and final approval by the relevant authorities.

Standard trips (7 nights)

£1835 per person, twin share 26th April- 3rd May 2020

£795 single supplement

Upper deck cabin supplement £120 per cabin.



Explorer trips (10 nights) 

£3115 per person, twin share 19th – 29th November 2020

£1195 single supplement

Upper deck cabin supplement £195 per cabin.

Facilities: All cabins are air-conditioned with private facilities and porthole. Some departures may have larger cabins with windows available for a supplement, please enquire.

Deposit: £450

Group size: 9 – 16, depending on vessel

Price includes: Transfers to/from Malé airport, cruise including all meals, tea and coffee on board, use of snorkelling gear, naturalist guide, tourist tax and atoll permits.

Price excludes: 

Flights UK - Male (available from £579), vessel fuel surcharges if levied, travel insurance, other drinks, gratuities and other items of a personal nature. The Maldives has a ‘Green Tax’, of US$6pp per day, payable locally. We can also arrange hotels and resorts in the Maldives, should you wish to extend your visit.

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    Tour Leader

    Dr ‘Chas’ Anderson has been working in the Maldives since 1983 as a professional marine biologist and is the pioneer of whale and dolphin watching in the islands.

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‘Chas was wonderful, a marvellous teacher and has a great sense of humour…your overall enjoyment? Ive run out of superlatives!!!!’

K.H. Maldives March 2014


‘As you can deduce from our comments, we loved the whole holiday’

Maldives - S & G.M. April 2015


‘A thoroughly brilliant trip’

Maldives - S & T.P April 2015


‘A very enjoyable trip, weather, boat, fellow passengers, crew and food all top rate……many of the passengers had travelled with WildWings before and were very complimentary, so I shall definitely consider again in the future’

Maldives S.M. Feb 2014


‘Chas was wonderful company and he was so enthusiastic! ..without hesitation we would travel with him again.’ 

The Maldives - L & L.G. March 2016


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