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Brazil Jaguars – The Pantanal

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mammals, birds and photography.


Brazil: Cuiaba - Pantanal - Cuiaba


Warm to hot (the river can be cool in early mornings)


Road travel by minibus, plus a special open truck for night drives in the Pantanal and speedboat trips during the day, comfortable hotels & lodges, all rooms with private facilities.


Jaguar, Giant River Otter, Brazilian Tapir plus many other mammals plus 200+ species of birds.

There can surely be few Neotropical mammals that hold the appeal of the Jaguar yet some tour leaders with several months (or even years), experience in Central and South America have only seen one or two. Although they have traditionally been considered a forest species it is now apparent that Jaguars are equally at home in open country and the Pantanal has become the place to see them. Pioneered by Richard Webb and WildWings over 15 years ago, this small group departure will be led by our wonderful local Brazilian guide, Regina. 

During our seven-night stay along the world-famous Transpantaneira, we will stay at three sites, Araras Lodge, Hotel Mato Grosso and finally Porto Jofre Lodge where we will spend four nights.

The rivers at Porto Jofre at the southern end of the Transpantaneira are without doubt the best place in the world to see Jaguars and since becoming the first British tour company to offer trips to see Jaguars in the Pantanal in 2004 we have run no fewer than 17 tours and have unrivalled experience of showing our clients Jaguars, usually at close range and often for prolonged periods. We have seen a minimum of two animals on each of our tours and on recent tours have had up to 14 encounters with Jaguars on a single tour encountering mating pairs on more than one occasion! 

The Transpantaneira is also home to a number of other cats. Ocelots are seen on most tours and Santa Teresa Ranch offers exceptional opportunities to see this species. We also occasionally encounter Pumas (once with a cub), Jaguarundis and Margay. It is not unusual to see over 40 species of mammal on a trip to the Pantanal and other likely species include Brazilian Tapir, Giant Anteater, Southern Tamandua, Giant and Neotropical River Otters, White-lipped and Collared Peccary, Marsh Deer, Red and Grey  Brocket Deer, South American Coati, Crab-eating Fox, Crab-eating Raccoon, Azara’s Agouti, Bearded Capuchin, Paraguayan  Howler and Black-tailed Marmoset. The Pantanal also offers excellent birding and we can expect to see 100+ species in a day including Hyacinth Macaw, Golden-collared Macaw, Sunbittern, Sungrebe and a range of herons and storks including Jabiru and perhaps an Agami. Caiman are abundant and we can expect hundreds in the pools along the road. Snakes including Yellow Anaconda are also possible. 

We will spend long hours in the field including dawn and dusk to maximise our chances of seeing Jaguar and other cats, and will spend long hours spotlighting at night in our purposely converted truck. The itinerary in the Pantanal will be kept as flexible as possible to enable us to concentrate on finding any key species that we want to see. We will use boats at Porto Jofre to maximise our chances of seeing Jaguars. There will however be plenty of opportunity to rest and catch up with your sleep during the heat of the day. 

Our updated itinerary offers fantastic wildlife watching in the Pantanal and we have reduced the amount of driving on the tour, increasing the time actually spent looking for wildlife in the field. The best just got better! (Please note that this is primarily a mammal tour, birds come second. We will see lots and lots of birds but these are not tours for big species lists, we will not be looking for little brown jobs!)

Day 1: Fly to Cuiaba / Transfer to Araras Lodge. Overnight at Araras Lodge.
Day 2: Full day exploring Araras Lodge.
Day 3: Morning departure to Hotel Mato Grosso (Pixaim River) / Afternoon boat ride exploring Pixaim River. Overnight Hotel Mato Grosso.
Day 4: Morning boat ride exploring Pixaim River. Afternoon departure to Porto Jofre with stops for Wild Life along the way. Overnight Porto Jofre Lodge.
Day 5: Full day looking for Jaguars at Porto Jofre area.
Day 6: Full day looking for Jaguars at Porto Jofre area.
Day 7: Full day looking for Jaguars at Porto Jofre area.
Day 8: Drive to Cuiaba Airport. Fly to Sao Paulo. Flights back home.

Potential mammal list for the 2020 Pantanal Tour – includes species seen on one or more of the 2004–2016 Brazil Jaguar tours:

White-eared Opossum 

Giant Anteater

Southern Tamandua                                                        

Yellow & Nine-banded Armadillos

Various species of bat including Greater & Lesser Fishing Bat    

Black-tailed Marmoset     

Azara’s Night Monkey                                          

Hooded Capuchin  

Paraguayan Howler 

Crab-eating Fox

Crab-eating Raccoon

South American Coati 


Neotropical River & Giant River Otter   

Jaguar, Puma, Ocelot, Margay, Southern Oncilla and Jaguarundi  

Brazilian Tapir   

Red & Grey Brocket Deer

Marsh Deer   

Collared & White-lipped Peccary 


Azara's Agouti  

Brazilian Rabbit

Brazilian Porcupine

Brazilian Cavy 



200+ species of birds.

Please note: All itineraries are subject to weather, local conditions and final approval by the relevant authorities.

Dates: 11th – 18th October 2020 (Cuiaba-Cuiaba)

Leaders: Regina Ribeiro plus local guides.

£3975 per person sharing a twin room.

£349 - Single supplement

£950 - Deposit

Group size: 6-7 plus leader and guides.


Price includes: All ground transportation including boat trips, all accommodation and meals, drinking water during the day, park entry fees, services of WildWings leader and local guides. Mammal & bird checklist. 


Price excludes: International and domestic flights, overnight hotel in Cuiaba (10th October if required, twin rooms from £25 per person), travel insurance, laundry bills, drinks, other items of a personal nature, gratuities.


Flights required: UK to Cuiaba return, from c£950 per person.


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“ Regina was the best guide I have ever had on any trip I have taken such as this. Superb trip”

Brazil Jaguars 2016 - A.M. Oct 2016


“Regina is a real asset to WildWings”

Brazil Jaguars 2016 - S.G. Oct 2016


“The Pantanal was great, with fantastic Jaguar sightings!”

Brazil Jaguars C.N Dec 2012


“One of our best travel experiences. Many thanks!”

Brazil Jaguars J & E.P. Oct 2013


“Spectacular! The trip couldn’t have gone better”

Brazil Jaguars J.S. Sep 2012


“Regina is an absolute star, we could not have asked for a better leader. We had stunning views of Jaguars and their behaviour”

Brazil Jaguars K & A.G. Oct 2015


“One of the best times of my life. I loved every minute of it.”

Brazil Jaguars. F.M. Oct 2013


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