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Antarctica, The Falklands and South Georgia

These itineraries are the ones to do if you can afford them. They range from 16 to 20 nights onboard and include the two unique island groups. The Falklands are similar to the northern Scottish Islands, wild with generally grass and tussock covered landscape, and are of course settled. Most ships plan to visit at least two of the remote ‘wildlife’ islands plus Port Stanley, the capital. Black-browed Albatross, Rockhopper and Magellanic Penguins colonies are found plus various land bird endemics. South Georgia is a spectacular range of mountains which rise out the sea, covered in snow and ice, with more endemic wildlife, abandoned whaling stations and a large British Antarctic Survey base, flying the flag for the UK. Steeped in exploration history, you will pay homage and visit the grave of surely the greatest explorer, Shackleton. If you have even see part of the route he and his men walked you will join the rest of us in wondering how they did it, one of the greatest stories of human endurance and then some. Wandering Albatross nest on offshore islands (colony visits are only allowed after the 1st of January each season) along with vast colonies of King and Macaroni Penguins, plus the endemic pintail and pipit.

We also offer a few extended South Georgia only voyages, plus an Antarctic Peninsula and South Georgia only voyage. Please see the special WildWings voyages with Dick Filby onboard every January/ February.  

Sample itinerary

Day 1: Board vessel and sail.

Days 2: At sea.

Days 3-4: The Falkland Islands.

Days 5-7: At sea.

Days 8-10: South Georgia.

Day 11: At sea.

Day 12: South Orkney Islands, subject to ice conditions.

Day 13: At sea.

Days 14-16: Exploring the Antarctic Peninsula and islands (All our ships plan to land you at a site on the continent itself)

Days 17–18: At sea, back through the Drake Passage.

Day 19: Disembark Ushuaia.

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