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The Antarctic Peninsula

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The ‘standard’ itinerary, usually 10 or 11 nights onboard ship. You will embark in Ushuaia late afternoon and sail down the Beagle Channel heading out towards the open ocean. Next morning you will be in the Drake Passage, surrounded by seabirds and keeping an eye out for whales and dolphins. When will the first iceberg be seen? Next day (depending on your ship’s speed) land should be first sighted, often the South Shetland Islands and your visit to the most recently discovered continent has begun. You will spend your days in and around the northern end of the peninsula and it’s islands, making up to three landings a day. The days are long and you will soon forget all the about the ‘real’ world as you loose track of time and just absorb the incredible landscape, skies and the abundant wildlife which surrounds you. Respect for the early explorers becomes very apparent too. Adelie, Gentoo and Chinstrap Penguins nest in sometimes huge colonies. Finally the long sea crossing back to Ushuaia, a number of ships swing close by to Cape Horn on their way back in. 

Sample itinerary

Day 1: Board vessel and sail.

Days 2-3: At sea, crossing the Drake Passage

Days 4-8: Exploring the Antarctic Peninsula and islands (All our ships plan to land you at a site on the continent itself)

Days 9–10: At sea, back through the Drake Passage.

Day 11: Disembark Ushuaia.

Dates and prices correct as of 13/08/14. ALWAYS CHECK WITH US FOR YOUR UP TO DATE QUOTE! All depart and return to Ushuaia.

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