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Trinidad & Tobago


An introduction to Tobago

Ever heard a Chacalaca? You will at about 4am on your first night in Tobago, when the worlds noisiest bird wakes up and decides it’s everyone else's turn too! Luckily they go quiet again, but you will hear them later too, we guarantee it. Motmots and jacamars are common here, both exquisite birds, and they can be found by walking around the hill above Blue Waters Inn and in the grounds of Cuffie River.

Ever laid in a hammock on a tropical beach watching tropicbirds in the distance, migrant waders literally walking inches underneath you on the sand, a dozing Yellow-crowned Night Heron in the trees above you? The tropical seabird colonies of uninhabited Little Tobago lie just across the water from Speyside. Alternatively laze in the pool and sundeck at Cuffie River, surrounded by forest and birds. Tobago is ideal for hiring a car and exploring on your own, a classic beautiful Caribbean ‘beach’ island or get one of the local guides to take you out. Most people combine Tobago and Trinidad; return flights take only 25 minutes each way and cost from £85 return. This is an ideal opportunity to relax for a few days as well as enjoying more birds. The guiding services of Newton George are available to WildWings clients staying on the island. He can show you all of the specialities and most of the many beautiful spots on Tobago. A tough choice, stay by the beach or in the forest, do both if you can.

In addition to our two main properties on the island we can also quote for many others including Arnos Vale.

Tobago is a great destination in its own right, with direct flights from London to the island, perfect for those who wish to have a more relaxing holiday with a bit of birding thrown in. Ask us to quote for your dream holiday today.

Client Quotes...

“Regina and her team were just wonderful!”

Cuffie River- Tobago B&V.H.March 2012


‘Our room was splendid plus the restful sound of the waves swashing up the beach. Newton George was excellent, knew the whereabouts of things it would have taken us months to find’

Blue Waters Inn P & M.L. April 2015


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